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3 Reasons Why You Should Have Your Reception At A Reception Venue With Gardens

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When it comes to picking out the place for your wedding reception you likely know one thing for sure, and that is that you want it to be absolutely perfect. Sometimes finding the perfect place for you and your future spouse can be quite difficult, and you may be overwhelmed with all of the great options that are being thrown at you. However, if you have in your mind that you would really like an outdoor reception, you should look into a reception venue with surrounding gardens. These locations are beautiful and are great for creating amazing wedding receptions. This article will discuss 3 reasons why you should have your reception at a reception venue with gardens (like Puerta Privada Reception Hall, for example). 

You Have Built-In Beauty

While almost any location can be made to look beautiful if you bring in the right types of decor, the reception venues with gardens come with so much beauty already surrounding you. Many of these venues have thick, luscious grass, beautiful trees, and several different types of flower gardens all around you. The thought of having all of this beauty around you naturally is great for a reception, because you can save time and money on some of your decor. 

Trees Are Great For Stringing Lights

If you are having a wedding reception outside in the evening, then it is going to be a good idea to include some type of lighting for you and your guests. Hanging lights is a very popular solution for providing light for many outdoor receptions, both because they look great and because they provide ample light over an extended area. However, the toughest part about hanging string lights is finding a place to string them from. If you choose to have your wedding reception at a garden venue, then you are likely going to be surrounded by several trees that you can hang your lights from. This creates a gorgeous natural look for your reception and allows you to save money on a reception tent or large poles to hang the lights from. 

It Can House A Lot Of People

Because you aren't confined by walls of any sort, an outdoor reception venue with gardens is great for housing a large number of people. This is great if you have invited a lot of people to your reception and need enough space to set up all of the tables and chairs to seat them. Your guests will love that there is plenty of room to get around and will likely really enjoy the beauty of the gardens surrounding them.