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Tips for Choosing the Perfect Outdoor Wedding Venue

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Spouses-to-be that have a love of nature will undoubtedly want to have their ceremony and reception in the great outdoors. When searching wedding venues in your area, there are a few questions you'll want to consider. The answers will help ensure that you and your fiancé have the perfect day and make happy memories that will last a lifetime. 

Can It Serve a Dual Purpose?

The first thing you'll want to go over when touring a wedding venue is whether the space can serve a dual purpose. For example, can you have the ceremony in the garden surrounded by colorful and fragrant flowers and then retreat to the private back lawn for a reception. Perhaps you're visiting a beachfront hotel that allows ceremonies right in front of the ocean and receptions on the patio with a stunning view of the waves. Using the facility for the wedding and reception eliminates the need for everyone to move from one location to another.

Does It Have Important Extras?

Since you're looking at outdoor venues, you'll want to make sure that a few important extras are included before you sign on the dotted line. First, inquire about whether there is a bathroom facility or whether you are required to rent porta potties. Check to see whether there is ample parking for your guests and whether you'll have Wi-Fi access. Another added bonus would be if the venue had a dedicated bridal suite so that the ladies of the wedding party could get dressed on site. 

Is There a Backup for Inclement Weather?

Since weddings are planned so far in advance, there is no way to tell what the weather is going to do on your special day. Talk to the facility's coordinator to see whether the wedding-reception venue has a backup plan. Will they rent and set up a tent, or do they have an adjacent banquet hall that they could use in a pinch?

Does It Fit Your Budget?

Add up the cost of each outdoor wedding venue you visit to see which one best suits your budget. One location may offer an all-inclusive package that saves money and relieves some stress while another may offer free use of their ceremony space if you also book your reception on the property. Beachfront weddings may require only a permit fee and the cost of renting enough chairs for your guests. The beautiful nature scenes require less decorations, and this will also help keep your wedding on budget. 

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