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Tips For Creating A Bridal Registry

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Creating a bridal registry can feel overwhelming. When faced with dozens of dish choices, a multitude of small appliances and bakeware for miles, couples sometimes don't know where to start. But there are a few ground rules that should make putting together a bridal registry fun and will make gift giving a snap for the many people who want to celebrate with the couple.


Table settings often make up the bulk of a couple's registry items. Before registering for dinnerware, think about your lifestyle. Of course you'll need everyday dishes, but do you plan on having formal dinner parties or host holidays with your new blended family? If you like the formality of a beautiful table, consider registering for everyday dishes and fine china. When deciding how many place settings to purchase, think about how many people you might have over for dinner. A good rule of thumb is to purchase enough dishes to seat 12. Don't forget the silverware! If you're registering for both everyday dishes and fine china, consider registering for everyday flatware and silver as well. In addition to registering for place settings, it's a good idea to register for china and silver flatware storage. 

Consider Your Gift-Givers

Your guests will have different income levels and they'll all want to celebrate your big day with you. To accommodate their different financial needs, be sure to provide lots of options in your bridal registry. Register at two different stores with different price points. Be sure to register for gifts at different price points. Add that expensive coffee maker to your registry, but be sure to add less expensive cooking tools as well. The expensive appliances are attractive, but you'll use a set of wood spoons weekly. It's also a good idea to over-register to give gift-givers plenty of choices and regularly check your registry. As less expensive or more expensive gifts from your registry are purchased, add more. 

Consider Your Future Spouse

It might be tempting to create a bridal registry with your friends or mother, but keep in mind that your spouse also will be using these items and their taste has to be considered. Create a bridal registry together. It is okay to divide and conquer, however. In fact, it proves you're a good team. If one of you is an avid baker and the other loves nice linens, go with your strengths and each of you should choose what's important to you. Creating a bridal registry is a first step in learning how to compromise with your future spouse.