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6 Unusual Places To Host Your Wedding Reception {Number 2 Might Surprise You!}

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You could host your wedding reception in a hall or on a golf course. Those are perfectly lovely locations. For the couple that wants something a little more unique, there are other options for venues for the big day. In fact, the average person may not even realize that some of the following venues are available to rent for their special day. 

1. Historic Home: No matter what part of the country you live in, there is usually a historic home belonging to either an early founding father of the area or a famous person born in the town. In Detroit, for example, you can rent gorgeous homes that once belonged to the auto barons -- Henry Ford, the Dodge family -- and are now on the registry of historic places. 

2. Farm: You may not have been born in a barn, but you can certainly get married in one. Choosing a farm wedding reception venue has a certain rustic charm that is popular for weddings these days. Imagine a beautiful barn with a lofty ceiling strung up with simple holiday lights and ending the evening with trays of milk and cookies. The Knot refers to barns as an "incredible venue choice". 

3. Theater: Whether you simply love the theater or you are a pair of thespians, saying your vows on stage while your loved ones sit in the audience would be a special memory. Many theaters, small and large, rent the facility out for private parties, including weddings and receptions. 

4. Museum: Imagine saying "I do" in the presence of a Klimt or a Bouguereau. Funding for museums is always tight. Luckily, they can earn additional funds to offset their operating costs by hosting events in their illustrious halls. They can even line up docent tours for your guests while you take pictures with your new spouse.

5. Amusement Park: Hosting any after-hours event in a public space is memorable. Hosting it at an amusement park with access to the rides is the next level. You can rent your favorite amusement park for an after-hours ceremony and reception for probably less than you think. 

6. Zoo: Hosting a wedding at your local zoo is a one-of-a-kind experience that your guests will not stop talking about for years. Most zoos have multiple locations within their grounds for you to have the ceremony as well as several options for indoor or outdoor receptions. Like most venues, they will ban the use of rice or confetti to protect the animals.

Your wedding does not have to be run-of-the-mill. If you think outside of the box, you can host your special event in the most memorable setting.