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5 People To Include When Going Wedding Dress Shopping

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Which friends and family should you take to the boutique on your wedding dress shopping trip? While the specific persons invited are certainly unique to each bride, a few key people should always be part of your plans. Here are five such categories of individuals to include. 

1. Someone You Love

Brides may feel a lot of obligations about who they invite to the wedding dress shop. But even if convention or family relationships dictate you invite people you're not particularly close to, make sure you focus on inviting the people you love most. They can form your dress shopping bubble of love and positivity. 

2. Someone Whose Opinion You Value

Bring along someone who gives honest opinions and answers and whose judgment you value. This may not even be someone who is within your closest circle. When choosing a wedding day look, you need to have confidence in your choices and honest feedback — rather than just 'a yes man' — is key to finding this. 

3. Someone Who Knows Your Style

Your mother may love you dearly, but does she really understand your personal style? If not, she may end up steering you toward choices that you won't be completely happy with or steering you away from dresses and accessories you might fall in love with. So be sure to bring along that one person who understands what you like to wear. 

4. Someone Who Knows Weddings

Bridal gowns are unique dresses and they have unique needs. By having in your group someone who's been through this before or who has assisted with many weddings (or your wedding planner), you get an expert in how the dress will be on the big day. They may prevent you, for instance, from buying a dress that will be incredibly hard to move around in or which won't photograph well. 

5. Someone Who Manages People

If you must have a bunch of people at the boutique with you, bring along someone who is a people person and agrees to help manage the dynamics. This person's job will be to wrangle the group, get everyone from place to place on time, assist with the dress shop's needs, and keep the mood positive and fun. 

When you ensure these 5 types of people are included as you shop for wedding gowns, your day will be memorable in all the good ways and not for bad experiences. Contact a company like The Steel Magnolia to learn more.