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5 Safety Tips For A Great Beach Wedding

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A beach wedding is a dream for many couples. Exchanging vows amid the romance and casual elegance of the beach can create a stunning memory. But as you plan your beach wedding, don't overlook the need to ensure safety for everyone involved. How can you do this? Here are five key safety tips no matter how large or small your nuptials are. 

1. Ditch the Heels. Beach weddings generally involve walking on a lot of uneven surfaces. Even if you put down a solid surface for the actual wedding, everyone will still likely end up navigating dirt paths, sand, and uneven walkways or stairs. Boost safety by ditching the high-heeled shoes. Recommend that your guests do the same. You might even provide personalized wedding flip-flops. 

2. Protect From the Sun. Beaches and sunshine go hand-in-hand. After all, sunny and breezy coastal conditions are some of the biggest draws of a wedding location. However, don't let your wedding party or guests overheat in that beautiful sun. Consider a cover, such as a tent or sail shades. If you can't do this, provide beach umbrellas to guests and use the invitations to remind guests to wear sun protection. 

3. Keep It Short. Do yourself and your guests a favor by keeping the ceremony itself short. Guests may have to stand, they may be subject to the hot sun, or they may fight sand-filled breezes. Whatever the conditions, a short ceremony means everyone stays comfortable and has an enjoyable experience from start to finish. 

4. Hydrate Well. Ironically, beachgoers can become extra thirsty even surrounded by all the natural water around them. Hot days and wind may make dehydration even more likely. Hydrate yourself, your wedding party, and your guests liberally. Provide plenty of water and cold drinks. However, skip alcohol until later in the day when it's cooler and everyone has eaten.

5. Listen to the Pros. Work closely with the wedding venue and take advantage of their experience. They understand the details of this particular beach, the vagaries of ocean weather, and how to plan a safe event. If in doubt, ask questions. And avoid the temptation to try crazy ideas on a whim, ignore safety signs, or go against advice. Your venue will help you plan a great time for all without unnecessary risk.

Where to Start 

Want more tips for planning a happy, healthy, and safe beach wedding? Start by consulting with a beach wedding venue in your destination area today. With their guidance and these reminders, everyone will have the time of their lives as you say your vows. For more information on beach weddings, contact a company like Maui Marrying Man.