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3 Tips For Planning A Destination Wedding

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Are you and your fiance considering a destination wedding? A destination wedding can be a great way to make your event memorable and to turn your wedding into a multi-day event with your closest friends and families. However, a destination wedding can be tricky to plan. You and your guests will need to travel to the destination. You'll have to get your dress there safely. And you may not be able to meet with every vendor like you would with a local wedding. A destination wedding is certainly more complicated than a local wedding, but it's possible to pull off. Below are a few tips to help you make your destination a success. 

Be careful with the location.

You can save yourself and your guests some stress and headaches by putting some research into your destination. First, you want to make sure the destination you choose is a place with plenty of flights going in and out. There's nothing worse than finding out your flight to your own wedding is canceled. Choose a destination with plenty of travel alternatives if a primary flight is delayed or canceled. Also, if you're going to another country, check out any political or health warnings related to the country that could cause an issue. You also may want to make sure there are no religious or cultural issues in the country that may make your guests uncomfortable.

Get a room block.

If you want your guests to make the trip to your destination, make it easy for them. Reserve a block of rooms at a local hotel or resort. Many resorts will be happy to do this and will even offer a discount if you can guarantee a certain number of rooms will be reserved. If you have a block of rooms reserved, it makes it easier for your guests to plan the trip. They don't have to search for their own lodging. They can simply reserve from the block, provide their method of payment, and look forward to your big day.

Hire a planner.

A wedding planner is a great resource for planning any wedding, but they can be critical in a destination wedding. You likely can't visit your destination multiple times to meet with vendors, tour venues, and taste the menu. You'll have to rely on someone with knowledge of the area to do those things for you. Either hire a planner in the destination or hire a local planner who has extensive knowledge about your destination. Either way, you'll need someone who knows the vendors and venues and can help you make informed choices.

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