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4 Ways To Keep The Summer Sun Off Your Wedding Guests

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Outdoor weddings in the summer can be some of the most beautiful and memorable affairs. But they also mean asking guests to brave the blazing sun and summer heat in the name of love. The best way to reward them for that willing spirit is to keep that sun off their heads as much as possible.

While a big, rented tent may seem like the only way to do this, there are actually many ways. Here are four to consider for your big day. 

1. Use Umbrellas

Freestanding and hand-held umbrellas add a fun or romantic flair to the ceremony. Oversize pole-based umbrellas are perfect for anything from a beach wedding to lakeside nuptials. They're inexpensive, colorful, and provide comfortable cover for a larger group. Or hand out parasols to guests for a more beautiful aesthetic that has practical benefits. The parasols could also double as favors to take home. 

2. Have a Standing Ceremony

Rather than have guests sit in the sun through a 20-minute, 30-minute, or longer ceremony, keep it short. And a great way to do just that is to plan a standing ceremony. Ditch the stuffy chairs and invite guests to gather around in an informal cluster. People don't need to arrive early, there's no need to stake out seating, and no one has to figure out where to go. The entire ceremony process is streamlined for comfort. 

3. Skip Cocktail Hour

Cocktail hour is the period between the ceremony and reception. It's become more common in all types of weddings and is often used to turn over the ceremony space and let wedding party members change clothing and take photos. However, this means your guests could be standing around in the summer heat for an hour or longer. Skip this step and arrange to start the reception as quickly as is feasible, for everyone's sake. 

4. Host Sunset Nuptials

Skip the hottest part of the day by scheduling your ceremony for sunset. This requires more planning and sticking to the timeline, but it's a romantic touch everyone will love. And your guests will thank you when they don't have to come out until the weather starts to cool down. 

Where Can You Learn More?

Want more tips for keeping your guests out of the summer heat for your nuptials? Meet with a wedding professional in your destination or local area today. With their experience at your disposal and these easy tips, you'll soon have a wedding plan everyone will enjoy.